Baileigh Industrial

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Baileigh BR-18E-36 Power Bead Roller
  • 110-VOLT INDUSTRIAL-GRADE MOTOR: Easily shapes 16-gauge mild steel.
  • 36-INCH THROAT DEPTH: Get to the middle of deep panels like car hoods, deck lids, or roofs.
  • ADJUSTABLE DEPTH STOP: Make straight, consistent beads.
  • ROLL IN FORWARD OR REVERSE: Great for tricky designs.
  • VARIABLE-SPEED FOOT PEDAL: Press harder to go faster. Apply less pressure to slow down for more delicate work.
Baileigh 14-Inch Manual Abrasive Chop Saw (AS-350M)
  • 14″ BLADE TURNS AT 4,300 RPM
  • CLEANLY CUT THIN WALL TUBING: Powerful 7.5-hp motor.
  • FAST MATERIAL CHANGES: 6.5” maximum-width vise with a taper lock.
  • FAST MATERIAL CHANGES: 6.5” maximum-width vise with a taper lock.
  • REDUCED VIBRATION AND INCREASED BLADE LIFE: Cast base and head are mounted on a sturdy steel cabinet.
Baileigh SBR-1220 3-in-1 Combination Shear Brake Roll Machine, 12" Bed Width, 20-Gauge Mild Steal Capacity
  • Manually operated
  • Shear, brake and slip roll combo
  • 20 Gauge sheet metal capacity
  • It has a maximum bend angle of 90 degrees
  • 12-inches bed width
Baileigh BR-22 Manual Bead Roller
  • ROLLER HEAD AND SWIVEL AND PIVOT: Position it any way you want and get enough clearance.
  • TWO ADJUSTABLE DEPTH STOPS (ONE ON EACH SIDE): Helps you make straight, repeatable lines.
  • MANUAL CRANK HANDLE: Moves the rolls, and pulls the material through.
  • INCLUDES SIX FORMING ROLLS: .25″ turning, .125″ turning, wiring, crimping, burring, and ogee beads.
Baileigh VMD-30VS Vertical Mill Drill Machine, 1-Phase 220V, 150-2500 rpm Spindle Speed
  • 220 Volts 1-pahse
  • R8 spindle taper
  • 1/8 hp motor coolant
  • 150-2500 rpm spindle speed
  • Table measures 28-3/4-inches length by 8-1/4-inches width
Baileigh RDB-050 Manual Tube Bender
  • REVOLUTIONARY IN FUNCTION AND CAPACITY: Can bend 2-inch OD chromalloy or 2.5-inch OD mild steel.
  • 3 BENDING SPEEDS: 4, 8, or 12 degrees per pull.
  • QUICK-RELEASE HOOK ARM INSERTS: Do a complete changeover in one minute or less.
  • BENDS UP TO 200 DEGREES IN ONE SHOT: No need to stop and reset the machine.
  • ANTI-SPRINGBACK MECHANISM: Holds each bend in place as the operator ratchets forward.
Baileigh TN-250 Tube Notcher
  • PATENTED SELF-CENTERING VISE: Can clamp down anywhere on tube, including the middle of bends.
  • LARGE ENGRAVED DEGREE DIAL: Helps you get those back-side notches lined up.
  • HEAVY-DUTY 3/4-INCH STEEL PLATE BACKBONE: Creates a rigid platform that reduces vibration and prolongs the life of the hole saws.
  • FULLY-ADJUSTABLE AXIS: Accommodates almost any notch combination.
Baileigh BS-210M Hydraulic Horizontal Band Saw, 110V, 1hp Motor, 3/4" Blade, 6-3/4" Round Capacity
  • 110 Volts power
  • 3/4-inches blade height
  • Variable Speed
  • 6-3/4-inches round capacity
  • Hydraulic decent